Candidate for State Senate District 13

It’s an exciting time to be a Utahn. We have the youngest population and are growing faster than nearly all of our peers. At the same time, we face challenges on all sides as a result of a changing climate and global pandemic, and we must act vigorously to align the policies of our state with these realities. Clean air, access to affordable housing and healthcare, and amplifying the diverse voices of our community are all things worth fighting for. I will listen to my neighbors and draw upon my lived experience to understand the best path forward on these and other issues. As a renter, holder of student debt, outdoor enthusiast, asthma sufferer, and optimist, I believe that we can face these challenges head-on and come out stronger together. I’m excited to be in a position to lend my ears and my voice in pursuit of these shared goals.


Facebook: Nate Blouin for Utah Senate 13

Instagram: @nateforutah

Twitter: @nateforutah

2022 Candidates (State Senate)
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