Candidate For U.S. Congress – District 2

Growing up black in a predominately white community had its challenges. He is grateful for the experiences because he would not be who he is today without them. After graduating High School, he went on an LDS mission to the Baguio, Philippines. After returning from his mission, he enrolled at the University of Utah and walked onto the football team. He is now an innovator/scientist. He is working on a new tattoo ink focused on people with dark skin getting bright, color tattoos. Being an innovator, he can see how and where to improve systems to make them run more smoothly. Nick’s central policies are healthcare, worker’s rights, and environmentalism. Nick decided to run because he saw where our community was headed and knew he had to act to help bring this country back together through understanding and compassion and standing up for what is right.

Facebook: Nick Mitchell for Congress
Instagram: @nickforcongress
Twitter: @nick4utah

2022 Candidates (Congress)
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