Paul Fotheringham — Holladay Council District 3

Paul FotheringhamI am running for re-election, unopposed, for a second term for Holladay City Council. I am grateful to my friends and neighbors of Holladay for allowing me to serve on the Council for a second term. My first term was filled with more excitement than I expected with complex issues of land use including the Cottonwood Mall redevelopment, an accessory dwelling unit ordinance, and several rezoning requests both large and small. My primary goal for my first term was to help Mayor Dahle with his goal of developing a stronger financial footing for funding the long term maintenance needs of our city infrastructure.  I believe we have recently accomplished that goal within the last few months. In my second term, I hope to help our city to manage the frequently competing interests of managing healthy growth with maintaining our quality of life in Holladay.  Holladay is a Great Little Town that’s getting even better all the time!

2021 Municipal Democrats
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