Sahara Hayes

House District 32

Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, Millcreek

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Having grown up in Utah, I know that the core of what makes this state such a great place to call home is its people. The community here is the feeling of walking into a small business and having the employees greet you by name, or the intentional way that neighbors become friends, and how if you’re in an emergency, someone will always have your back.
Through serving on the Millcreek Community Council, attending events, and speaking with residents, I have seen the disconnect between the decisions being made on Capitol Hill and the values that people hold dear. The legislature creates policies that impact all residents, from the air we breathe to the education that students receive. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly by our representatives, and to have their voices accurately represented. No group should be considered lesser in the decision making process.
My promise, to the people of this district and beyond, is to fight to make this a more equitable and welcoming home for everyone. I am here to advocate for you, your families, and the issues that are close to your heart.

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