Candidate for State School Board 5

I’m a Salt Lake native with a passion for advocacy, a proven record of experience in education, and action-oriented student-first focus to help students reach their academic and career goals. I have a master’s degree in political science and almost two decades experience in higher education, including teaching. I am dedicated to education and have a vast understanding of the policies and systems surrounding our schools. I plan to take my experience to be an advocate for students, parents, and teachers in District 5. I want to be a part of a better future for Utah. That starts with the next generation and finding innovative and inclusive ways to support them in their educational journey. I also have a decade of research and volunteer-based experience advocating for communities and developing creative and effective solutions that support our open spaces. I serve on the SLC Library Board, SL County Open Spaces Board, SL County Mountainous Planning District Planning Commission, and Ballpark Community Council.









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