RELEASE: Fined nearly $4k by the FEC, Corrupt Rep. Owens Continues Pattern of Campaign Finance Scandals

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SALT LAKE CITY, June 30th 2021 — Burgess Owens’ 2020 campaign wasn’t just a run for Congress, but it seems to have also been a race to rack up as many FEC violations as he could. Breaking campaign finance laws yet again, Burgess Owens failed to report $34,000 in contributions his campaign received last year. Rep. Owens has become no stranger to controversy when it comes to his campaign’s finances — it seems to be only a matter of time until the next scandal.  


“Following his telltale pattern of recklessness when it comes to campaign finance, Burgess Owens has again shown his belief that he doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else,” said Utah Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant. “While everyday Utahns work hard to put food on the table for their families, Representative Owens skirts the law and expects to face no consequences for his actions. If Burgess Owens can’t be truthful when running his own campaign, he can’t be expected to work effectively for the interests of Utahns.”


In the past, Rep. Owens has received over $135,000 in illegal campaign contributions and accepted $2000 from alleged sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, which he has still failed to return. It should come as no surprise that now the FEC has fined Rep. Owens for violating campaign finance law when he failed to disclose tens of thousands of dollars in contributions during the 2020 election cycle. 


The Utah Democratic Party believes that Utahns deserve a representative who is honest and won’t be distracted by continuous scandal like Rep. Owens. We look forward to organizing Utahns to vote him out of office in 2022 and electing a representative who will put Utahns’ interests first.


The Utah Democratic Party is the face and voice of Democrats in the State of Utah. We believe that Utahns deserve strong, competent leadership that puts the people and democracy first.


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