Rep. Owens’ Latest Blunder: Tweet-And-Delete Endorsing a QAnon Congressional Candidate

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SALT LAKE CITY, June 11th 2021 — Was it negligence or imprudence? Burgess Owens tweeted and deleted a statement endorsing Anna Paulina Luna, a far-right extremist running for Congress in Florida; just the latest in a long, long string of alignments with the dangerous “QAnon” conspiracy theory and FBI-labeled domestic terrorism threat. From meeting with QAnon program “The Common Sense Show,” to appearing on the Freedom First Network with headlines like “Twitter’s QAnon Purge should motivate every patriot,” and more, Burgess Owens is evidently closely-aligned with this right-wing conspiracy theory, despite his empty claim that he has no knowledge of it.


Now, Rep. Owens has amplified Anna Paulina Luna, who has accosted VP Kamala Harris at an airport, claiming she didn’t care about trafficking and child rape; appeared on a QAnon program, praising the hosts; and claimed the LGBTQ+ community is being used to make pedophilia acceptable.


“Clearly, Burgess Owens shows no sign of remorse in this, the latest in a long string of anti-American and pro-extremist acts that look to damage the very fabric of our democratic processes,” said Utah Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant. “Burgess Owens’ latest tweet-and-delete endorsement of QAnon through Anna Paulina Luna is another knot in the web of lies that Burgess Owens weaves to damage our nation through Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’”


The Utah Democratic Party believes that Burgess Owens should answer as to whether his latest tweet-and-delete play was an endorsement of a candidate he didn’t fully understand the harm of, or if it was a lack of judgement in which Rep. Owens endorsed a candidate that he already well-knew was dangerous.


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