Reorganizing Task Force


Along with seeking feedback through our Community Survey and Listening Tour, the party has created a Reorganizing Task Force. The goal of the Task Force is to propose changes to the Utah Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws that will make the Utah Democratic Party a more open and welcoming organization, as well as refocus what the mission of the Utah Democratic Party is and should be.

Members of the Reorganizing Task Force were selected after filling out an application and being appointed by the Party Chair, with approval from the full Executive Committee. The Task Force members are as follows:

  • Chair, Marcus Stevenson

  • Utah DNC Member, Jenny Wilson

  • Utah DNC Member, Charles Stormont

  • Danny Beus

  • Page Checketts

  • Bob Huefner

  • James Gonzales

  • Michael Burton

  • Sunita Pargrass

  • Clare Collard

  • Randy Thompson

  • Derek Hoff

  • Sharon Rivera

  • Chelsey Alberico

The best way to contact them is to email, and your feedback will be sent to the committee.