Post-Election Reorganizing


“2016 was a tough year for Utah Democrats. We won some races, and we lost some races, but we worked harder and smarter than ever before. And even though we didn’t see the results we wanted, the fight isn’t over.  

Utah Democrats will continue to fight for public education funding and better pay for our teachers. We will continue to fight for affordable healthcare for every Utahn. We will continue to fight for clean air. And we will continue to fight against one-party dominance of our state government.  

Utah Democrats will never give up. 2017 is a reorganizing year, and we’re ready to do the important work of rebuilding and restructuring our party to help us prepare for victories in 2018 and beyond. But we need your help to do this right.

We want your feedback about the election. Below, are a few ways to get involved. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and thank you for all you do to make our party, our nation, and our state a better place.


Peter Corroon
Utah Democratic Party


Please fill out our Community Survey to give feedback on what direction you think the Utah Democratic Party should take following the 2016 election. We are looking for feedback from all Utah Democrats, from all parts of the state and all walks of life. 

We want to make sure all voices are heard and that all cross-sections of our party have a seat at the table to help guide the direction of our party not just in 2017, but also looking ahead to the 2018 midterm and legislative elections and to 2020 when we will once again battle the unconstitutional practice of gerrymandering in Utah.

The Community Survey will be conducted online through January 31, 2017 with feedback being used to guide the soon-to-be-formed Reorganizing Task Force in proposing changes to better our party. Please fill out the survey today!

Take the Community Survey!


We’re excited to announce an upcoming “Listening Tour” to gather feedback in person from Democrats across the state regarding the direction our party should take. Utah Democratic Party Chair Peter Corroon and other members of party leadership will be on hand at each stop of the tour to take feedback from Utah Democrats in a townhall style meeting. We will also hold one additional “virtual” meeting at the end of the listening tour to accommodate Utah Dems who are unable to attend an in-person event.

Dates and cities for the listening tour are as follows (venues still TBD):


Along with seeking feedback through our Community Survey and Listening Tour, the party has created a Reorganizing Task Force. The goal of the Task Force is to propose changes to the Utah Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws that will make the Utah Democratic Party a more open and welcoming organization, as well as refocus what the mission of the Utah Democratic Party is and should be.

Members of the Reorganizing Task Force were selected after filling out an application and being appointed by the Party Chair, with approval from the full Executive Committee. The Task Force members are as follows:

  • Chair, Marcus Stevenson
  • Utah DNC Member, Jenny Wilson
  • Utah DNC Member, Charles Stormont
  • Danny Beus
  • Page Checketts
  • Bob Huefner
  • James Gonzales
  • Michael Burton
  • Sunita Pargrass
  • Clare Collard
  • Randy Thompson
  • Derek Hoff
  • Sharon Rivera
  • Chelsey Alberico

The best way to contact them is to email, and your feedback will be sent to the committee.