Scott Bell

About this cat in a hat, Scott Bell:

I used to be a hardcore Republican.  Really!  As I grew older, I became more liberal and tolerant in my views while my then-party was moving to a place I no longer recognized.  I woke up one morning years ago and realized I wasn’t a Republican any more, I was an Independent.  Some years later, I woke up again and realized I wasn’t even an Independent… I was a Democrat!

I think many of us have experienced or are experiencing the same transition.

I believe Democrats are on the right side of history on every issue we represent. It’s just going to take our Republican friends a little while to realize it!

As a proud Democrat, I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  “Fiscally conservative” doesn’t  mean cutting taxes to the bone: it means fully funding and fully staffing the services we demand of a “right-size” government.  If we’re not willing to pay for those services, we shouldn’t demand them.  “Fiscally conservative” also doesn’t mean denying assistance to the less fortunate among us, those who struggle with hunger, poverty, health, employment and/or education.  Helping these people live with dignity as productive members of society is true fiscal conservatism because we avoid the drugs, crime and health burdens associated with desperate people.

We all do better when we all do better.  I call it “trickle-up” economics!

On the social side, I’m proud to have personally collected over 10,000 signatures for the various ballot initiatives: Medical Cannabis (2018 Proposition 2), Medicaid Expansion (Proposition 3), Better Boundaries (anti-gerrymandering, Proposition 4), Count My Vote and Our Schools Now (Ballot Question 1).  I’m concerned about Utah homelessness and suicide, and I will work in the Utah legislature to attack their root causes — mental illness, financial stress, substance abuse, and relationship problems.  I’m a Second Amendment supporter, but I don’t believe our right to bear arms is unrestricted; I support passing and enforcing sensible firearm regulations including Red Flag Legislation and universal background checks.

Bottom line?  I’m just an ordinary guy who wants to represent ordinary people on issues that affect us.  I  see most issues in shades of gray, not black and white. Having very few absolutist positions allows me to move a little one way or the other.  I can give a little if I get a little, and I can be influenced by a good argument.  Old school politics.  I know; crazy, right?

My daughter asked me once, “Dad, what’s an engineer?”  My reply was this: “An engineer is someone who finds practical solutions to real world problems.”  That’s the mind-set I’m going to take to the Utah legislature in 2018.


Contact information:

Facebook:  Scott Bell for Utah HD 47


Cell phone:  (385) 429-2681