Shireen Ghorbani – CD2 Nominee

I am a Democrat because we work for everyday freedoms and everyday families.

Shireen Ghorbani is here for you and here for Utah. Her priorities are focused on families–everyday Utahns. She will work for access to affordable healthcare for every American, to strengthen individual opportunity through strong education systems, and for the freedom to breathe clean air in this state.

Shireen is a communications professional who spends much of her work time solving problems and striving to do work in more collaborative and efficient ways.  Shireen has been an advocate for people who experience sexual violence for 20 years and she currently serves as the board chair for the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City. Shireen holds two Masters Degrees in Communication and Policy.

She served in the Peace Corps with her husband from 2003 to 2005 in the Republic of Moldova where she worked on issues of gender and development. The daughter of an immigrant, Shireen was raised by a single mother who taught her the importance of hard work, community, and balancing a budget. Shireen believes we need representatives in our elected offices that work for everyday people trying to make ends meet, not large corporations trying to make a profit. She knows a strong
education system, good jobs, and fair and equitable housing creates pathways for people to live the American dream and give back to their communities.

Shireen and her husband Nick, a teacher, live in Salt Lake City with their son, Desmond.