Votebuilder/VAN Information

Welcome to the Utah Democratic Party VAN/Votebuilder and Data Resources webpage. To request VAN Access if you are a candidate, county committee, or otherwise interested party, or for VAN/Votebuilder support, please e-mail or use the Support Requests feature within the VAN platform.


VAN Payment


UDP VAN Handbook – Required reading for all VAN Admins. This 20 page document explains the ins and outs of your VAN committee


NGP VANual – This is VAN’s official Votebuilder manual


NGP MiniVANual – This is VAN’s official Votebuilder minivan manual


Why Use Votebuilder – A three page document that explains why every Democratic Campaign needs to use Votebuilder


Deck One Pager – Deck is a targeting tool for Democratic campaigns that can be described as a more user friendly version of Votebuilder. You need to have VAN access to get access to Deck


UDP List Disclosure Agreement – Use this form if you need a delegate list, central committee list, or any list outside of Votebuilder

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