Wendy Garvin – State House 41 Nominee

Wendy Garvin is a Democrat because she believes in equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. She’s running for the Utah House of Representatives because she believes it’s time for Utah to represent more of it’s population in it’s legislature.

Wendy’s values are driven by her upbringing in Utah. With a conservative, veteran father and a liberal mother that worked for the forest service, she learned to look at issues from every perspective. She grew up with strong values of personal responsibility from her father, but also to value the great outdoors and all the beauty and diversity around her from her mother. She grew up riding horses in the Oquirrh Hills of Bluffdale, back before highways and fences kept them locked away. She learned to shoot from her Grandpa and Dad in those same hills, and learned when not to shoot from her softer spoken Grandma and Aunts.

Wendy studied computer science at Salt Lake Community College, and later at the University of Utah. She was offered a job in Silicon Valley during the height of the tech boom, and worked for Cisco Systems for 12 years as a security specialist. She moved back to Utah when her dad developed health issues, and moved back into Riverton just a couple of miles from where she grew up.  Since returning, she’s started her own business training dogs including working with a non-profit training service dogs for veterans. Her hobbies include training dogs for personal protection and competition agility. She’s also the proud mother of a 12 year old boy.