The Utah Democratic Vision

Utah Democrats believe individuals, businesses, and governments at the state, county, and city levels can take meaningful action to improve our air quality. We support a balanced and forward thinking approach to public infrastructure that prioritizes energy efficiency and offers transit alternatives to a wide range of Utahns.


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Utah Democrats believe economic inequality presents one of the most pervasive obstacles to social and legal equality. State and local governments must fund social services including affordable housing and healthcare to allow the most vulnerable in our society to survive. These governments must then ensure access to education, work training, and voting rights to help everyone thrive.

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Utah Democrats know economic growth requires a solid foundation of an educated and innovative workforce, public infrastructure and services to support private sector needs, and investment in technology to maintain our competitive edge. Our state stands to benefit from diversity in economic strengths and career opportunities.

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Utah Democrats believe a robust and accessible school system from early childhood education to post-secondary certifications and degrees will make our state a more desirable place to live and work. We know a strong education system starts with proper support for teachers, including smaller classroom sizes.

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Utah Democrats know, contrary to assertions from some critics, that economic growth can continue alongside efforts to preserve our natural resources. Indeed, long-term prosperity necessitates conservation efforts from the state government, as well as local authorities. High quality air, water, and land not only support outdoor recreation jobs, but also improve public health.

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Utah Democrats call on our federal legislators to protect Social Security and Medicare from cuts that would destabilize seniors’ well-being and deprive Americans of benefits they have earned. We believe that our state and local authorities must ensure easy and affordable access to public transit for older Utahns.

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Utah Democrats will prioritize healthcare reform that ensures all Utahns can access affordable medical coverage and services. We will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act and the more than 16 million Americans to whom it guaranteed insurance coverage.

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Utah Democrats believe that strong campaign and ethics laws will enhance voters’ power over their lawmakers and that a more transparent government will serve as a better government. Laws must require campaigns to submit to broader and more frequent reporting to combat illegal transactions. Elected officials of all parties, including our own, should be held accountable to these standards.

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Utah Democrats demand meaningful action to modernize America’s immigration system. We need changes that will uphold human dignity, support our economy, and, most importantly, keep families together.

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Meet Our Dems

Karen Kwan, HD 34

Karen Kwan

State Representative, District 34

Lynn Hemingway, HD 40

Lynn Hemingway

State House candidate, District 40 (INCUMBENT)

Patrice Arent - Utah Democrat

Patrice Arent

State Representative, House District 36

Joel Briscoe - Utah Democrat

Joel Briscoe

State Representative, House District 25

Salt Lake City
Rebecca Chavez-Houck - Utah Democrat

Rebecca Chavez-Houck

State Representative, House District 24

Salt Lake City, Avenues
Jim Dabakis - Utah Democrat

Jim Dabakis

State Senator, Senate District 2; Minority Caucus Manager

Salt Lake City, Avenues, University
Gene Davis - Utah Democrat

Gene Davis

State Senator, Senate District 3; Senate Minority Leader

South Salt Lake, Murray, Midvale
Sue Duckworth - Utah Democrat

Sue Duckworth

State Representative, House District 22

Luz Robles Escamilla - Utah Democrat

Luz Robles Escamilla

State Senate, District 1; Minority Assistant Whip

Rose Park, Glendale
Sandra Hollins - Utah Democrat

Sandra Hollins

State Representative, House District 23

Salt Lake City, Rose Park
Jani Iwamoto - Utah Democrat

Jani Iwamoto

State Senator, Senate District 4

Salt Lake City, Millcreek
Brian King - Utah Democrat

Brian King

House Minority Leader; State Representative, House District 28

Salt Lake City, East Bench
Karen Mayne - Utah Democrat

Karen Mayne

State Senator, Senate District 5

West Valley City, Taylorsville
Carol Spackman Moss - Utah Democrat

Carol Spackman Moss

State Representative, House District 37

Holladay, Murray
Marie Poulson - Utah Democrat

Marie Poulson

State Representative, House District 46

Cottonwood Heights
Rep. Angela Romero

Angela Romero

State Representative, House District 26

Salt Lake City, Glendale
Mark Archuleta Wheatley - Utah Democrat

Mark Archuleta Wheatley

State Representative, House District 35

South Salt Lake