Utah Democratic Party

Executive Appointments 2019

With the new administration of the Utah Democratic Party comes dozens of vacancies for appointed positions for which we are now soliciting applications (due July 18 at 5 pm). These positions include:

2 members of the Executive Committee: Expected to attend Executive Committee meetings twice a month and perform other duties as assigned.

4 Regional Coordinators: One person from each of the four regions to serve as a liaison between the county parties and the Executive Committee and assist county party officers, as described in the bylaws (lines 72-92), and are also expected to attend executive meetings twice a month.

29 members of the Rules Standing Committee: Duties include drafting convention rules, monitoring compliance with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 105-124 and 729-755). Preference is given to former National Delegates, members of the State Central Committee, or state delegates. This Committee meets as necessary.

7 members of the Judicial Standing Committee: Duties include resolving intra-party disputes, recommending resolutions for failures to comply with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 757-776). Preference is given to members of the Utah State Bar Association and members of the state central committee.

8 appointed at-large members of the State Central Committee: To increase diversity and representation and are expected to attend quarterly meetings throughout the state.

Complete descriptions can be found in the Bylaws: https://utahdemocrats.org/constitution-bylaws/.

Apply now. Applications are due July 18 at 5 pm.

2019 – 2021 Executive Committee

Congratulations to our new Executive Committee!

Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee
Left to right: Charles Stormont, National Committeeman; Michael Bryant, Secretary; Jeff Merchant, Chair; Nadia Mahallati, Vice Chair; and Sheila Srivastava, Treasurer.

At the Utah Democratic Party Annual Convention on June 22, 2019, in Park City, Utah, state delegates elected new officers and representatives of county parties and issue caucuses.

Chair: Jeff Merchant
Vice Chair: Nadia Mahallati
Secretary: Michael Bryant
Treasurer: Sheila Srivastava
National Committeman: Charles Stormont
National Committewoman: Jenny Wilson
Utah House Representative: Jen Dailey-Provost
Chair of Caucus Chairs: Jennifer Miller-Smith
Chair of County Chairs: Zach Thomas