Utah Democratic Party

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2020 National Delegates

The Utah Democratic Party is proud to announce its 2020 delegation to the DNC Convention in Milwaukee scheduled for August 17-20.

Biden District Delegates

District 1 – Oscar Mata
District 2 – Tim Chambless
District 3 – Monica Zoltanski
District 4 – Darlene McDonald

Biden PLEO Delegate

Brian King

Biden At Large Delegates

Erin Mendenhall
Ross Romero

Biden Alternate Delegate

Gene Davis

Sanders District Delegates

District 1 – Bonnie Kilgannon, Iris Nielsen
District 2 – Jen Lopez, Cristobal Villegas, Breanna Kirkbride
District 3 – Barbara “Babs” Isak
DIstrict 4 – Elizabeth Payne, Mitchell Vice, Sheldon Kirkham

Sanders PLEO Delegates

Angela Romero
Daisy Thomas
Dustin Gettel

Sanders At Large Delegates

Kevin Perez
Jandalynn Stelter
Rosalba Dominguez
Zach Thomas

Sanders Alternate Delegate

Kate Rawson

Warren District Delegates

District 2 – Brandon Mark
District 3 – Anthony Morgan
District 4 – Angel Vice

Bloomberg District Delegates

District 1 – Par Kermani
District 3 – Jessie Merchant
DIstrict 4 – Thom DeSirant

Unpledged Delegates

Jeff Merchant
Nadia Mahallati
Jenny Wilson
Charles Stormont
Ben McAdams

*PLEO = Party Leaders and Elected Officials

2020 Democratic Candidates

See the complete list of Democratic candidates here.

Democratic Unity

DNC Announces New General Election Unity Program

The Utah Democratic Party is proud to participate in the DNC’s new initiative unify Democrats behind our eventual nominee in 2020.

“It’s smart for the DNC, together with state parties, to begin the work of unification now,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “We know that in order to be successful we’ll need every Democrat rallying behind our eventual nominee, and this work will help put our party in the strongest possible position for victory in 2020.”

Read the DNC announcement on Democratic Unity.

2019 – 2021 Executive Committee

hair: Jeff Merchant
Vice Chair: Nadia Mahallati
Secretary: Gina Vigor
Treasurer: Sheila Srivastava
National Committeman: Charles Stormont
National Committewoman: Jenny Wilson
Utah House Representative: Jen Dailey-Provost
Chair of Caucus Chairs: Jennifer Miller-Smith
Chair of County Chairs: Zach Thomas
Appointed Member: Darlene McDonald
Appointed Member: Brandon Dew