Utah Democratic Party

Utah Democratic Party Chair, Jeff Merchant, Comments on Presidential Impeachment Inquiry

For Immediate Release

Press Statement
September 26, 2019

“As our country continues to be roiled by the news of an impeachment inquiry being opened by the US House of Representatives, the Utah Democratic party is both saddened by the possibility of presidential wrongdoing and heartened by the protections guaranteed by the separation of powers enshrined in our constitution. As a co-equal branch of government, the Congress has both a right and duty to determine the facts. 

“This is not a time for celebration among Democrats, nor should it be a time for Republicans to circle the wagons. It should be a time for Americans of all stripes—regardless of political views—to come together in non-partisan form to determine the facts in a fair and meaningful way.”

Members of the press with inquiries may contact Jeff Merchant, Chair of the Utah Democratic Party, at 801-821-3141.

Eleanor Roosevelt Nominations

We need your help! Nominate the next recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Utah Democratic Party.

We are excited to receive nominations for the 2019 Eleanor Roosevelt award. A committee comprised of past recipients will chose the recipient of the award. This person will be a long-standing member of the Democratic party. Please fill out the form at the link provided and include any information that you want the committee to know. Nominations will be accepted until Friday October 4, 2019.

Make your nomination here.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Award is a tradition that bestows an honor in the name of a legendary Democrat and humanitarian. The recipient of this award will personify courage, compassion, and dedication. Eleanor Roosevelt knew that a women’s involvement in politics was crucial.

Past award recipients are: Beverly White, Beverly Saathoff, Lucy Beth Rampton, ShaRon Nelson, Helen James, Louise Henson, Fae Beck, Norma Matheson, Rosa Vida Black, Jan Graham, Judy Ann Buffmire, Karen Shepherd, Esther Lands, Paula Julander, Robyn Matheson, Annette Cumming, Karen Hale, Susan Kuziak, Karen Mayne, Sherrie Swensen, Patrice Arent, The Women’s Democratic Club, Meghan Holbrook, Patricia Jones, JoAnn Seghini, Jill Remington Love, Carol Spackman Moss, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, and Josie Valdez.

Which Democratic woman do you want to nominate?

Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon will be Monday, November 18. We will send you more information about the luncheon in early October. Thank you!

Free Grassroots Campaign Training

The Utah Democratic Party, together with the DNC and ASDC Best Practices Institute, are excited to announce the launch of our 2019 Train the Trainer Volume 2 (T3 v.2) Webinar Training Program! 

T3 v.2 is a free three-week, six-part webinar course, covering several important aspects of grassroots campaigning. This program seeks to expand the skills of progressive activists and volunteers, by ensuring that comprehensive training is free and accessible for Democrats all over the country. 

The T3 v.2 program will build upon the skills taught in our Spring T3 series, however, you are not required to have completed the Spring T3 program in order to participate in our Fall T3 v.2 program. Register for T3 v.2 today (registration closes September 22), and help us take our country back in 2020! 

Click Here to Register

Executive Director – Job Posting

The Executive Director, working closely with the State Chair and other officers of the Party, oversees all day-to-day operations of the State Party. The Executive Director is responsible for assisting in the raising of funds, managing general elections programs and specific initiatives that build the Party at the grassroots level and advance the Party’s mission to elect Democrats at every level of government. The Executive Director must be reliable, honest, loyal and discreet. The ability to manage others, provide counsel and advice on policy and political matters, and keep the interest of the party at the forefront is of top importance. This position is highly collaborative and crucial to UDP achieving its mission of electing Democrats at all levels.

Read full post.

Norma Matheson, 1929 – 2019

The Utah Democratic Party and Utahns of all political stripes mourn the passing of Norma Warenski Matheson, the Matriarch of the Matheson family. Here at the Democratic Party, Norma will be remembered for her kindness, her sharp political insight, and love for the Democratic Community. She has been deeply involved in the Women’s Democratic Club, an advocate for seniors, a community volunteer, philanthropist and board member for many of Utah’s most prominent non-profits. She was also the spouse of the late Governor Scott Matheson Sr., and the mother of four children, including former Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and federal judge Scott Matheson Jr.

Utah Democratic Chair, Jeff Merchant, said in a statement that “Norma was one of the classiest women I have met. I first got to know her in 1999 as she supported Jim Matheson in his first race for Congress. What impressed me most was Norma’s love for all her family—Scott, Robin, Lu, Jim, and Tom—and her willingness to sacrifice so much for the State of Utah. She had a remarkable quality to make everyone around her feel important and heard. These very attributes translated into her many efforts to improve the quality of life for all Utahns.”

She was truly an exemplar of the kind of Democrat we all strive to be. She will be sorely missed, and the Party offers its condolences to her family.

Executive Appointments 2019

With the new administration of the Utah Democratic Party comes dozens of vacancies for appointed positions for which we are now soliciting applications (due July 18 at 5 pm). These positions include:

2 members of the Executive Committee: Expected to attend Executive Committee meetings twice a month and perform other duties as assigned.

4 Regional Coordinators: One person from each of the four regions to serve as a liaison between the county parties and the Executive Committee and assist county party officers, as described in the bylaws (lines 72-92), and are also expected to attend executive meetings twice a month.

29 members of the Rules Standing Committee: Duties include drafting convention rules, monitoring compliance with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 105-124 and 729-755). Preference is given to former National Delegates, members of the State Central Committee, or state delegates. This Committee meets as necessary.

7 members of the Judicial Standing Committee: Duties include resolving intra-party disputes, recommending resolutions for failures to comply with rules, and other duties as described in the bylaws (lines 757-776). Preference is given to members of the Utah State Bar Association and members of the state central committee.

8 appointed at-large members of the State Central Committee: To increase diversity and representation and are expected to attend quarterly meetings throughout the state.

Complete descriptions can be found in the Bylaws: https://utahdemocrats.org/constitution-bylaws/.

Apply now. Applications are due July 18 at 5 pm.

2019 – 2021 Executive Committee

Congratulations to our new Executive Committee!

Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee
Left to right: Charles Stormont, National Committeeman; Michael Bryant, Secretary; Jeff Merchant, Chair; Nadia Mahallati, Vice Chair; and Sheila Srivastava, Treasurer.

At the Utah Democratic Party Annual Convention on June 22, 2019, in Park City, Utah, state delegates elected new officers and representatives of county parties and issue caucuses.

Chair: Jeff Merchant
Vice Chair: Nadia Mahallati
Secretary: Michael Bryant
Treasurer: Sheila Srivastava
National Committeman: Charles Stormont
National Committewoman: Jenny Wilson
Utah House Representative: Jen Dailey-Provost
Chair of Caucus Chairs: Jennifer Miller-Smith
Chair of County Chairs: Zach Thomas