Utah Democratic Party

Democratic National Committee Member

A total of two Democratic National Committee Members will be elected at the State Convention on April 25, 2020. A statement of intent must be filed by candidates with the Utah Democratic Party from Monday, March 30 until 5:00 p.m. April 10, 2020.

In presidential election years, the State Primary Convention shall elect at least one person for each position available for a National Committee member (UDP Bylaws, lines 239-260).

  • Each voting State delegate will be allowed to cast ONE VOTE.
  • The person receiving the highest number of votes in their category will be elected Democratic National Committee member.
  • In the case of a tie (two or more persons receiving an equal number of votes), the tie will be decided by lot.

File your statement here: https://quinn33.typeform.com/to/EkSM5d

2020 UDP Secretary Opening

We have an opening on our State Executive Committee. The position of Secretary, to be filled at the April 25, 2020 State Organizing Convention, is now open.

Filing is open Tuesday, March 24 through Tuesday, April 6, 2020. The State Convention will be convened on Saturday, April 25th, to elect a person to fill the Secretary role (UDP Bylaws, lines 469-484). 

See full post for Duties of the position and filing Requirements.

2020 Democratic Candidates

Utah candidates for office file from March 13th through March 19th. See the updated list of Democratic candidates here.

UDP Update on Caucus & Conventions

FARMINGTON, UT – Today the Utah Democratic Party (UDP) State Central Committee, comprised of Democratic state, county, and elected leaders, passed measures to address the upcoming caucus night on March 24 and conventions.

The State Central Committee has granted the UDP leadership authority to do the following:

1. Cancel caucus nights in each of the 29 counties and allow delegates previously elected in 2018 to continue their service, if they so choose. Counties will also be given authorization to make available to the public applications from individuals who are not delegates but interested in becoming delegates. Maximum flexibility under the law and UDP rules will be given to County Executive Committees to implement these changes.

2. Shift County and State Conventions from in-person events to mobile events by instituting a “drive-by balloting” mechanism. This will ensure only credentialed delegates participate in voting. The annual Taylor and Mayne event will be rescheduled for a later date.

3. Allow national delegate selection also to be done by “drive-by balloting.” The UDP will continue working with the Democratic National Committee, as it has been for the last several days, to ensure this process is as transparent, equitable and efficient as possible. We are also pleased to have the support of this aspect of the plan by local leaders of the Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden campaigns.

4. Inform, upon the conclusion of the filing period on March 19, 2020, properly filed candidates about how counties and the UDP intend to help them reach delegates and voters over the rest of the campaign season.

Given the ever-changing situation, the UDP leadership has been given authority to adjust, modify, change or rescind aspects of this plan as dictated by federal, state or local law, or as circumstances dictate.

Jeff Merchant, Utah Democratic Party Chair.

Statement on COVID-19 & Democratic Caucus & Conventions

Contact: Jeff Merchant
Utah Democratic Party Chair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 12, 2020) —

Statement on  COVID-19 & Democratic Caucus & Conventions

There is nothing that the Utah Democratic Party values more than the people’s health and well-being.  As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, and the Governor’s recent statement limiting meeting sizes to slow the spread of the virus, the Utah Democratic Party will be restructuring its upcoming state convention.  Although we are unable to release details at this time, all in-person events originally scheduled for April 24 and April 25 will be cancelled.

County Party Chairs have been instructed to restructure caucus meetings and county conventions as they see fit with a focus on protecting the public health.  While the UDP is not mandating cancellation of caucus meetings on March 24, given the continued spread of illness, the UDP is strongly advising counties to find alternatives to mass gatherings at schools, libraries, or other locations as is customary.

County Party Chairs will also receive dispensation from county constitutional provisions that require specific procedures for county conventions. County conventions, which often involve hundreds to thousands of people, will not be held in-person. Counties may conduct conventions in other formats, and the UDP will aid counties in this process.

Although we recognize that many want specifics, with the fast-changing situation, it is impossible for us to provide specific details currently. The UDP will continue to work with state and local officials, county party leadership, and party members to do everything possible to protect the public health while meeting legal requirements for nominating candidates. 


Check a Buck – The Easiest Way to Donate

If you check a simple box at the end of your tax return you can donate $1 to your local county Democratic Party and $1 to the Utah Democratic Party. This is all of no cost to you! This simple $2 can go a long way to getting Democrats elected. Thank you for your support of Utah Democrats.

Democratic Unity

DNC Announces New General Election Unity Program

The Utah Democratic Party is proud to participate in the DNC’s new initiative unify Democrats behind our eventual nominee in 2020.

“It’s smart for the DNC, together with state parties, to begin the work of unification now,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “We know that in order to be successful we’ll need every Democrat rallying behind our eventual nominee, and this work will help put our party in the strongest possible position for victory in 2020.”

Read the DNC announcement on Democratic Unity.

2019 – 2021 Executive Committee

Chair: Jeff Merchant
Vice Chair: Nadia Mahallati
Secretary: VACANT
Treasurer: Sheila Srivastava
National Committeman: Charles Stormont
National Committewoman: Jenny Wilson
Utah House Representative: Jen Dailey-Provost
Chair of Caucus Chairs: Jennifer Miller-Smith
Chair of County Chairs: Zach Thomas
Appointed Member: Darlene McDonald
Appointed Member: Brandon Dew